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Acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine in Hood River, serving Columbia River Gorge

See below what our patients say about their experiences at our clinic:

"Laura treats the entire person, not just body part! I truly appreciate that she always follows up, to see if the process is working for you. If not, she takes a closer look and makes adjustments. The Chinese herbs, specifically blended for me, are really making a difference! She is, by far, the best practitioner I've ever seen!" JM

“I am writing to thank you for the amazing results I received from the acupuncture and herbs which you made up for me. I came to you after friends had told me to see an herbalist about my 3 week long cough. This cough was probably a return of a cough I had for weeks and never really got rid of. I had been to see my primary care physician and I left with just being told to take suppressants and expectorants, basically treat the symptoms.
I called your office and we spoke about what I was dealing with. I made the appointment and saw you the next day. You asked me a lot of questions and did a physical exam. From that you were able to diagnose my cough and chest congestion and gave me a round of acupuncture and my herbs. I was really impressed with the results I saw in just two days. By the time you had called me on my third day of the herbs my cough was already down by 80%. Within a few more days my cough was completely gone. That was after being sick with that cough for weeks with no sign of improvement. I have already told several friends about you and your practice. I would recommend anyone who is having difficulty with a health problem to go see what you could do for them. I myself had never been to an herbalist before but you can bet I will be calling you next time I need help with a health issue.
 Thanks again,

"Laura was of great help in my fertility journey, from helping me to generally feel more healthy and in due time, become pregnant. She even helped try to get our baby who was in a breech position to turn. I was so impressed by her support and thoughtfulness. I remember that she called me after my first visit to check-in on how I was feeling, and she genuinely cared to know. Also, she was always very thorough in listening to my symptoms and coming up with a treatment plan of both herbs and acupuncture, in addition to collaborating with my primary care provider. I think her gentle and calming presence are healing as well.
Thanks for all you do, Laura!

"The personal care and concern by Laura is, by far, the best I've ever received from any medical professional. She is very intuitive and picks up on things that you might not have thought could be contributing to your issue. I couldn't be happier!"   M.J.

"Dear Laura, I don't know how to thank you for your care this year. I was in such a bad shape and you were kind, compassionate, patient and helpful in both practical and holistic ways. Thank you for your encouragement and acceptance. You are so gifted at what you do."    HF

"Laura's intuitive, educated, contemplative, and thorough work has reminded my body to heal itself on a cellular level. Her healing techniques rapidly encourage lasting freedom from pain and easily led me to necessary and feasible lifestyle changes. Using Laura's Chinese herbal prescriptions in conjunction with her healing techniques have aligned me to move through the world less susceptible to injury to body and mind."     DS

"Working with Laura at Hood River Family Acupuncture & Herbal Medicine has been an absolute pleasure. She accommodates both my schedule and my health needs through her caring nature and strong attention to detail. Not only was I able to find relief for my primary concern, she also worked with me to achieve body balance. I would highly recommend working with her in any capacity, both for pain relief and overall health."     MB

"Laura helped bring an Eastern approach to our Western fertility treatment process. Maintaining this holistic sense of balance was a necessary part of the experience for me, and I do believe that it was an essential component of our success."    PATIENT

"After poor circulation caused chronic swelling in my ankles and lower legs, I decided to give acupuncture a try. The first treatment provided some diminished swelling, but not completely. Laura suggested I return for a second treatment within a week and a half. After this treatment, an herbal prescription was added - along with her recommendation to increase my daily walking regimen to maintain circulation. I am happy to say that after less than two weeks, the swelling has completely subsided in both lower legs and ankles! Thank you Laura!"     SM

"Laura's treatments have been tremendously helpful for me during the past few months while I was experiencing a difficult health challenge. I really appreciated her compassionate approach and it was a relief to have my concerns addressed so skillfully. I felt better immediately after the first treatment and continued to improve with subsequent visits. I was having trouble with my milk supply with my new baby and her holistic approach brought my supply back up so quickly. Laura is extremely knowledgable about Chinese medicine modalities and has a real talent with herbal formulas. Laura is professional and effective while still being kind and approachable. She takes the time to help you feel comfortable and cared for. Without hesitation I have recommended Laura to many people and will continue to do so! Thank you Laura! "      SR

"I visited Laura Mayo in July while on vacation. I have severe osteoarthritis of my right hip and 
various spots on my other joints. I have had two knee replacements. During a two week period I had acupuncture for my joint pain twice. Moxibustion was used to help with treatment as well. I had amazing results that made my vacation more enjoyable. My walking ability improved immediately. I also had a better sense of well being. I also thought Laura was able to find my pain points quickly and accurately. This was not my first visit to Hood River. I have seen Laura many other times, always with wonderful results. 
Additionally, I had a sore throat with minor congestion and she prescribed herbs right away. The cold was so minor I forgot I was fighting it. I also really liked the decor of the office. Great experience."      JAM

"I can't say enough about the positive reaction I've experienced with Laura. She has paid close attention to my concerns and follows up at every visit. I've experienced significant health improvements after only three treatments and several weeks of drinking a Chinese herbal tea, mixed especially to target my health issues."   J.Mc.